Omid Saldanha Boutique Hotel is a riot of colour, chic lifestyle, sophistication and elegance where we combine some of the world’s most eye-catching “Interior Casual Design” details with futuristic innovation, thus creating a city center table that invites you to an immersive oasis of inspiration at every moment. At Omid Saldanha Boutique Hotel, we emphasize the distinctive and seductive colors of our imaginary daily life. Discover this hotel, handpicked in the intimate boutique concept and enjoy a unique and bold experience in the hospitality industry in the city of Lisbon. We welcome our guests with the perfect symphony “at home, away from home” And this is where you can find your peace of mind. Relax and truly have fun.
Location, good breakfast, very helpful and competent staff. excellent service from them all. Love the smell of oudd and frankincense in the lobby. Nice to have a coffee machine in the room. Good bed linen, bed and towels and nice to have real soap as well as shampoo etc. also nice to have a little fridge and fruit welcome plate as well as two nice drinking glasses. I found a really good local food restaurant as well which was great with the broken foot. Natasha – France
With a light, natural and relaxing atmosphere, all rooms benefit from views of the city center, luxurious and refined spaces with magnificently designed furniture. Take an afternoon or evening dip at the IKA Restarurant / Ika Legacy Bar and enjoy the best Nikkei experience in town.

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