IKA Restaurant is one of the main Nikkei Concept restaurants in Portugal. Created in Peru, the original pays homage to local and Asian cuisine. The first Restaurant in Portugal “GENOMA” served as an experimental nucleus and laboratory, where the vibrant concept was introduced for the most dynamic cities in Portugal.

Our chef uses the most modern and innovative culinary techniques from around the world to create our dishes, which are mainly Asian with obvious influences from Beijing and Peru. The Nikkei & Shushi Concept translates into our dishes to bring out the best of time-honored recipes passed down from chef to master.
It is this particular level of modernity, combined with respect for tradition, that makes IKA Restaurants so spectacularly unique.
Nikkei cuisine is an harmonious synthesis between the culinary tradition of Peru and that of Japan. A style that melted into a dish gives harmonies of colors, flavors and aromas with the best of the two countries, so different in appearance. Nikkei cuisine puts the delicacy and fantasy of the Japanese culinary tradition on the table with the strong, vibrant and spicy flavors of Peru and Brazil. The decade that has ended has seen the explosion of this new trend, very popular in Canada and the United States (as well as in Peru and Brazil) and which is gradually taking possession of the kitchens of the Old Continent.

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